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Over 30-years ago, I decided to make my life’s work dental office design and construction.

With over 1,000 dental offices built, I (literally) wrote the book on building the dream dental practice in my new book DentalEase.

My team and I will show you how to bring your dental practice dream to life. It all starts by understanding your vision as a dentist.

I will sit down with you one-to-one and review your dream and vision. I’ll draw out what’s in your mind’s eye and show you how to make your dream a reality.

When you work with Denco Dental Construction, Inc. you work with me, and I’ll give you 110%. I’m always there, and I WILL make your dream happen.

I Invite You to Request an Intro Meeting. I promise to go above and beyond your expectations, as together, we bring your dream dental practice vision to life.

– Steve Anderson

When We Say We "Wrote The Book On Dental Office Construction"...we Mean It.

Taking his 30+ years of Dental Practice knowledge, Steve has produced a 322 page book that assists dentists to make wise, educated decisions effortlessly.

The Denco Difference

We put your desires at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why you will see that every office we build is unique, just as every dentist is unique. Our goal is: Making Your Dream a Reality®!
The only general contractor endorsed by the AZ Dental Association.

Dental Office Construction Projects

Denco has been building new and remodeling existing dental offices in Arizona for over 30 years. Here are a few of our more recent builds.

We Care, Listen, and Value, Relationships

Our mission is to ensure your dental practice dream becomes a reality. It's a bold statement we know but find out why we can make that promise.

Client Reviews

We value every client who trusts us to create or re-create their dental practice dream. Here’s what our clients say about their Denco experience.

Giving Back To The Community

I know how blessed I am to do work that I thoroughly enjoy. We love to bless others and make a powerful, positive impact on the community.

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Our Design-Build Portfolio

Having been in operation building new and remodelling existing dental offices around Arizona for over 30 years we have plenty of examples to show. Below is a select few of some of our more recent builds so you can have an idea of what we deliver to our customers.

See how we bring dentists dreams and vision to life:

Another Dream Come True


Client Reviews

Our Blog

Tidbits for Success

A Sinking Ship

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Tidbits for Success


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Innovative Practice building tips for dentists:

Tidbits for Success


Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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