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Over Thirty Years of Dental Office Construction Experience

Denco Dental Construction, Inc.

We Wrote the Book on Dental Office Construction

When we say we
``Wrote the book on Dental Office Construction``

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  • We Care
  • We Listen
  • We Share Your Values
  • We Build Relationships

When we are hired to do a project, we give it 110%.  We put your desires before everything we do.  We take the time to find out what is important to you.  That is why you will see that every office we build is unique, just as every dentist is unique.  Our goal is Making Your Dream a Reality!  

Listening is a very important part of what we do and we strive to do it well!  When listening wholeheartedly it gives us a better understanding of your heart’s desires. We are then able to help you turn your desires into a plan for success.  You, the client ends up with an office that you love and enjoy working in, which then makes your team and your patients happier, as well as giving you a solid foundation for success!  We get the satisfaction of knowing we’ve helped in Making Your Dream a Reality! 

When we give you our word we mean it!  We stand behind what we say, by delivering what we said and doing it when we promised!  Your trust and faith in us is of the utmost importance.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and always go above and beyond.

The process to build a new dental office requires the knowledge to know the right steps to take.  We simplify the steps and make it easy for you so you are not overwhelmed!   Our experience in the dental field lets us help you in ways that no one else can.  Your happiness and success is important to us.  All of our clients become long-term friends, because; we care, we listen, we share your values and our ultimate goal is a simple one: Making Your Dream a Reality!

Our Mission is Your Success

Denco Dental Construction, Inc’s Mission:
To make each client’s dream a reality, we provide the finest service in the industry by using the highest quality construction and workmanship, and to meet or exceed their expectations by saving them time and money with our professionalism and integrity.


Define the Dream

Our goal is to make your dream a reality. The first step is to define your dream by describing the things you want in order to get where you want to be in the time frame you want it to happen.  Denco is your dental office construction partner.  We are here to listen and guide you through the process.  Let us be your first stop and we will make the construction of your new dental office a systematic, easy process!

Tailor the Dream

Once you’ve defined your dream, Denco will help shape your decisions into a tailor-made plan of action. Remember, dental office design is our specialty! We factor in the costs and budget for each phase, which paves the way for making a happy and successful office come to life. With over 30 years of Dental Office Construction Experience, you can count on us!

Create the Dream

After your uniquely tailor-made plan has been decided, choosing the team that will make it all happen is next.  Whether you are remodeling your existing office, relocating your practice or creating a brand new start up dental office, Denco is at your service from start to finish.  That’s the Denco Difference!

Build the Dream

Denco is committed to making your dream a reality!  And that means exceeding your expectations at every turn.  NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO!  Part of our commitment is cultivating long-term relationships with our clients.  That is why we have never had to rely on advertising!

What Clients Are Saying

Why Choose Denco?

Still not convinced Denco Dental Construction, Inc. is the right choice for your next office?  Check out these reasons why we’re the right choice for Making Your Dream A Reality!

Design Build

  • Denco Dental Construction, Inc. is the only dental office design-build general contractor in the state!
  • We have worked long and hard to know the dental office better than the dentists and many equipment specialists
  • We put together a dental team unique to each and every dental office project
  • We have created a thorough process on how to build a dental office
  • We are the only general contractor in the state and maybe the country, that has taken the time to create a book on the step by step process to owning your own dental office
  • We are a dental office contractor… our name says it all!
  • We are one of the top general contractors in the country when it comes to dental office flow and design
  • We offer and help the majority of our clients with dental office material finish selection
  • We provide free preliminary floor plans
  • 95% of the time, we have the clients desired floor plan nailed down of the first pass
  • We know dental costs and help create dental office construction budgets
  • Over 90% of our clients have selected us through a negotiated contract process (where we provide a fixed mark-up on their project)
  • We are proactive in all we do, as I feel emergencies are a lack of planning!
  • We provide information and options so the client can make the best-informed decision
  • We assist over 85% of our clients with material finishes in house as we work with the architect
  • We have completed over 1000 dental offices

Our Knowledge

  • We understand what works and what does not, to provide the best flow of a dental office
  • We advise clients on dental office locations and site selections
  • We evaluate new office interiors for compatibility for dental office requirements
  • We were the first in the state to know how to quiet equipment rooms
  • We were the first in the state to deal with and provide options for better and cooler air in the dental equipment room
  • We freely share our dental knowledge and expertise
  • We help dentists think about their future and future dental plans and how that will and should shape their dental office design
  • We understand and share the importance of commercial finishes
  • We share price points and compare different flooring options
  • We provide options when needed to keep the project in budget
  • We created a checklist for planning your dental office move
  • We share how to select dental architects and other dental professionals
  • We help determine ALL the costs of creating a new dental office
  • We help determine the ideal square footage of your new dental office
  • We provide a timeline guide for your new dental office
  • We created a dental office flow chart to determine what to work on and when to ensure items do not get missed

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