Project Management

For over 25 years we have been a Design-Build General Contractor specializing in dental office construction.

We have a tailored seamless process to make every dream a reality for our clients. Project management is our specialty and we pride ourselves on doing it better than any other GC in our field of expertise! We are there for each client EVERY step of the way!


It all starts with sitting down with our client to determine their needs, wants, objectives, and goals. We have created an exceptional process in which we are able to take what people have in their mind, put it on paper and bring it to life in building (or remodeling) their office! It is about asking the right questions, often questions that the client doesn’t even know should be considered and truly listening to the client.

With our expertise we have created many beneficial forms and spreadsheets for the client to use in preparing for the big undertaking of building an office.


Denco starts each project with the understanding that every project is unique, just as every dentist is unique, each with their own ideas and goals. We find out what is most important to each person and tailor their project to them – we are about making their dream a reality. 


No one understands our clients as well as we do. We take the time to put all notes/changes/selections on our final working drawings (which we call our yellow construction plans). These “yellow plans” have all the architectural permitted plans, approved cabinetry drawings, approved material finishes, and any additional notes that have been created and added along the way. Our stress-free process and systems along with these plans create a project that is always delivered on time, while saving the client time and money.


It’s not only about giving our clients a completed project on time, but helping to make sure that they have time to properly set up, install equipment, train their team and plan for new patients. We are there for all of the details during move in, before the end of warranty periods, and far beyond.

Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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Lindsey Springfield

Our star project manager celebrates 20 years at Denco Dental!
“Lindsey, thank you for your dedicated career of 20 years with Denco and helping make Dreams Come True and making a difference in all you do!”