Dr. G Family Dentistry

Dr. Candace Gershkovich, DMD
Dentist: Dr. Candace Gershkovich, DMD
Location: Phoenix
Square Feet: 1815
Operatories: 5

“Denco was thorough and helpful in the design and construction of my dental practice. Steve and his team are so knowledgeable. They outperformed deadlines and went above and beyond in every aspect of the construction process. I was so pleased with the team at Denco Dental and would highly recommend their services.”

– Dr. Candace Gershkovich, DMD

“Denco is the best! They are very trustworthy contractors that have helped my wife and I on a few projects throughout AZ. The thing I appreciate the most is their extreme attention to detail. Nothing gets missed and they are constantly there to help even after the project is done. Thank you Denco!”

– Philip Gershkovich


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Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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Lindsey Springfield

Our star project manager celebrates 20 years at Denco Dental!
“Lindsey, thank you for your dedicated career of 20 years with Denco and helping make Dreams Come True and making a difference in all you do!”