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Dr. Dan Rodda, DDS
Dentist: Dr. Dan Rodda, DDS
Location: Phoenix
Square Feet: 3,250
Operatories: 7
Hygiene: 1

“Hands down, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. had to do my new office.  Denco proved themselves a few years ago when they built my Flagstaff office, Oasis Dental Care.  It was because of my previous experience with Denco’s quality, project management, design skills and delivering the project on time, that I knew without question who I would call to do my new office improvement!

My new office is incredible; it’s everything I’d hoped for and more! Denco makes it such an easy process the way they organize everything, keep schedules, and deliver quality.  Denco’s team is set apart, there is no other GC that I’ve worked with that is so efficient and provides this level of detail.

The floor plan for my office is extremely well laid out, with attention to detail given to ergonomics and workflow.  Steve and Charlie did an incredible job helping me with finishes and color schemes.  I was a little concerned about how they would come together, as we made some bold choices, but this is what they do!  I’m glad I went with their suggestions, because when you look at the way colors come together – it’s perfect!  We’re so happy with how great this office is, I am already looking forward to working with Denco for the 3rd time!

If you’re a dentist and you want to build a beautiful office to really take care of and impress your patients, Denco’s got you covered!  Whether it’s a remodel or a complete new office improvement, Denco will Make Your Dream a Reality! I’ve seen it happen twice.”

Dr. Dan Rodda, DDS


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Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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Lindsey Springfield

Our star project manager celebrates 20 years at Denco Dental!
“Lindsey, thank you for your dedicated career of 20 years with Denco and helping make Dreams Come True and making a difference in all you do!”