Black Mountain Endodontics

Dr. Cody Heslington, DMD
Dentist: Dr. Cody Heslington, DMD
Location: Peoria
Square Feet: 1,896
Operatories: 5

“I’ve worked in the valley here for six years or so and when it was time to to do my own practice, I heard a lot about different contractors and end up going with Denco Dental Construction. Steve, Eric and the whole Denco team were great to work with. We had a tough project with our our practice being a jewelry store before and there was a big safe and we had to completely deconstruct this concrete and rebar safe. It was a big project and they they just took it in stride and and they they got it done, and everything else after that is also just went smoothly. Anytime I asked Steve or Eric to do anything they always said yes, they just got it done. There were a couple of times when I called Steve on a weekend or sent an e-mail and he called me back on a Saturday or Sunday and and just to make sure everything was OK. The whole process from working with Charlie, the materials guy to Steve and Eric it was all a really good experience. I would definitely recommend Denco to anybody that’s building a new office.”

– Dr. Cody Heslington, DMD


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