Tidbits for Success: Technology and Our Team

There is always a question as a business owner…What is the most important thing I can do in my office that will provide me the biggest rate of return, increase productivity, keep current patients, add new patients, and increase my bottom line? 

A sales person will say that the latest program or technology will do the trick.  Yet, I have seen countless programs, technology, and instruments sitting on counters collecting dust. 

It is our team, not technology that should be the first consideration…I challenge all of us take a different look at our team.  Our team is the one that makes us money, provided we take the time to properly train, educate, lead, set the example for the perfect patient / customer service experience.  When this happens, the patient / customer service experience changes. 

Once this connection is created, showing you care here for them, a sense of belonging is created for your patient.

Once your patient has experienced this connection, this friendship, this relationship, you have a patient for life.  This relationship will outlast gimmicks by your competitors to steal them away. Even for a lessor price – they will remain loyal!

So at the end of the day, what is it that we should first spend our time investing in and building?  Our team! 

I want to take a moment to acknowledge my team.  We are the BEST Design Build Dental General Contractor – Project Manager out there!  We only exist because of our team.  The amazing things they do to make each day, each office, each assignment, better than I could’ve dreamed!  I am truly blessed to have each one of them with their special personalities, skills, and abilities that are incredible and  set apart…far beyond what I am capable of!  I am very proud of my team, for without them we would not have accomplished what we have today…

Denco Dental Construction, Inc.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of the member is the team.”
– Phil Jackson

About the Author

Steve Anderson is a General Contractor and Owner of Denco Dental Construction, Inc. He is also an author, public speaker and CE instructor. Denco has built well over 1000 new dental offices throughout Arizona. Denco is the only General Contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association.
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