The Orange Peel

Did you know that you can peel a navel orange in one whole piece? Many do not and end up with a very messy, juicy orange with lots of pith that needs to be removed. Here is the secret to peeling a navel orange in one whole piece. It just takes 2 easy steps.

  1. Work the orange. Squeeze it with your fingers and hands for several minutes.
  2. Then start peeling opposite the navel end.

That was easy…
Did you know that improving yourself, your career, and your practice can many times be just that easy.

  1. Be open to what’s out there. Attend seminars, adopt the wise counsel of dental professionals, listen to audio tapes and read books. The list of opportunities to grow is endless. The key is to focus on areas in which you are weak or that you want to improve.
  2. Apply what is worthy of your time and investment. I have found that nearly every speaker, book, article and professional has some valuable insight worth noting and evaluating whether it aligns with your core values. If the insight gained reflects who you are and

That which is not applied is not learned…

“You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person.”
– Scott Sorrell

About the Author

Steve Anderson is a General Contractor and Owner of Denco Dental Construction, Inc. He is also an author, public speaker and CE instructor. Denco has built well over 1000 new dental offices throughout Arizona. Denco is the only General Contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association.
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