Biltmore Dental Center

Dr. Sameet Koppikar, DDS
Dentist: Dr. Sameet Koppikar, DDS
Location: Phoenix
Square Feet: 2,300
Operatories: 5
Hygiene: 2

“Some of you may know that my office flooded last November. After I wallowed in pity for a minute – I called Steve Anderson from Denco and my insurance company – CNA. I was dreading what was needed to get my office back up and running…

I need to let you know that Steve from Denco and Brian and Brandon from CNA were AWESOME! Steve made sure the walls and floors were completely bone dry and rebuilt my office better than it was before.

Brian and Brandon from CNA asked what I needed to get back on my feet, wrote a couple of checks and followed up every month.

What could have been an extremely stressful time ended up being … fun? I got to pick out new flooring and cabinets!

We always hear horror stories of insurance company tactics and contractors who cut corners. I wanted to share a positive experience with you guys and remind you – you never know when you’re gonna need the A-Team. Get to know the A-Team. Thanks Steve, Brian and Brandon.”

Dr. Sameet Koppikar, DDS


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