Avalon Orthodontics

Dr. Toby VanLandschoot, DDS
Dentist: Dr. Toby VanLandschoot, DDS
Location: Scottsdale
Square Feet: 1,594
Operatories: 1
Open Bay: 4

“Throughout the construction process for my orthodontic office, my experience with Denco was fantastic. From the initial meeting to the final punchlist item, the whole process was smooth and painless.

Steve Anderson is professional, knowledgeable, and all around good guy to work with. He was always honest, and made sure that whatever the office needed, was taken care of. Building a new office can be stressful, but Steve made sure that every step of the process was under control.

Working with my project supervisors was a breeze. They kept me posted on progress and were sure to let me know immediately if there were any roadbumps on the horizon. The office was finished on time, and most importantly with a high level of quality.

We get so many compliments on our office. Whether it is children mentioning that the office is “cool”, or adults commenting on the modern and beautiful design, it seems as though every patient appreciates Denco’s work. I will certainly go to Denco for my next office.”

– Dr. Toby VanLandschoot, DDS


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Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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