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Dr. Javier Portocarrero, DMD
Dentist: Dr. Javier Portocarrero, DMD
Location: Mesa
Square Feet: 2,762
Operatories: 6

“In 2013, I was faced with a big decision about how I wanted to practice for the rest of my dental career. I decided to take a risk and explore my options for building a new practice.

My commercial realtor introduced me to Steve Anderson from Denco Dental Construction, Inc.  I was impressed by how fast Steve was able to get the wheels rolling and price out the project.  I was also impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail from the design phase to the finished product.  I was very involved in the construction process, probably more involved than Steve would’ve liked me to be.  Still, he was very understanding and listened to my input as the project progressed.  The whole staff at Denco was professional and hard working.  They made the move into the new facility seamless.

After the project was finished, we actually missed seeing the Denco crew around.  We are in our third year at the new facility and we are so grateful that we took the risk to build our new practice.  We love the functionality of our new office, we are more efficient and are offering additional services.  Patients love the new office and we get compliments all the time.  We have seen consistent growth over each of the last 3 years. Financially, it was the best business decision I have made. Last year we had our best year ever and we are on track to do better this year!

Thank you to everyone at Denco Dental Construction, Inc.”

– Dr. Javier Portocarrero, DMD


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Steve Anderson, President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. (literally) wrote the book on dream dental practice design-build processes and best practices.
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