Dr. Karl E. Bohman, DDS / Smile Arizona

I have known and worked with Steve Anderson/Denco on 3 occasions since 1995. He has remodeled two existing dental suites (1995, 2016) and expanded the first one in our 21-year relationship. On each occasion; Steve listened to my goals, met the challenge(s), and exceeded my expectations!

Steve was the first and only dental contractor I contacted when it became apparent in 2014 that my existing landlord wanted way too much control over my dental practice and my eventual exit strategy. Leaving a location where I had successfully practiced for the prior 21 years was my only viable option. Being a fee for service dentist with only 10% of my patient base residing in my zip code, I felt I had a lot of flexibility as to where I relocated. Steve was with me every step of the way in my pursuit of a new space. H also made some excellent recommendations on my behalf in regards to a commercial real estate agent and dental equipment specialists. Knowing my personality, his recommendations could not have been a better fit for me. Steve is very well respected and connected within the field. He is associated with the very best in all related trades and industries. I truly appreciate the amount of up front time and energy Steve put forth on my behalf to assure a quality team was assembled to assist in the appropriate space selection!

Finding the right space for my practice took over a year. We looked at several options and Steve convinced me through his process that the only way to truly control my own destiny was through ownership. Leasing again could very well result in another experience similar to my current one. So I took his advice and purchased. After having 3 separate properties in escrow and thoroughly investigating their respective viability (or lack thereof), I was able to choose my new location. It is the correct fit for my current practice needs as well as all my projections leading up to and involving my future exit strategy. Steve’s vast experience in finding the right solution for each doctor’s unique circumstances is unparalleled in my opinion. The moving of an established dental practice is a huge undertaking!! Steve recognizes full well the complexities involved, and he will work on your behalf from start to finish!

One-year post move, I have the following to add on behalf of Steve Anderson and Denco Dental Construction, Inc.:

My new office is beautiful, uniquely me, and a great place to come to work each day! The relocation has revitalized my entire team, myself included! Patient acceptance of my new space and the relocation has been beyond expectations!

As a result, my business has seen an increase in quality referrals and growth! Quality planning, construction, and a well thought out future design option assures not only myself, but also the next generation dentist(s) ample space for growth as needed without business/patient relocation. I could not be more pleased at any level!!

Dr. Karl Bohman, DDS
Smile Arizona