Dr. John Yu, DDS / Smile More Dental

I chose Steve Anderson and his company, DENCO, to build my new office because of their expertise when it comes to dental office construction. All they do is build dental offices. I’m sure other construction companies would be able to do an adequate job, but if you are looking for someone who is thorough, a great listener and communicator, timely, detail-oriented, accessible, honest, dedicated to your needs and desires, easy to work with, knowledgeable with all facets of dental office construction, then you have to partner with DENCO. Their entire team (construction supervisors, workers, administrative team) was very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend anyone building a new office to consider them. There will be less stress, and you will not regret it!!! I enjoy dentistry as a profession, but to now enjoy what I do in an amazing office, there are no words that can describe that. I love driving to the office every morning, and look forward to many years in it. Our patients and team members absolutely love it! Thank you DENCO for making my dream a reality!

Dr. John Yu, DDS
Smile More Dental