Dr. Gregory Whelan, DMD / Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry

Dear Steve (and the Denco Team),

We finally did it!!! The office I envisioned is here – built and delivered by your entire cast of employees and subcontractors. You really did an outstanding job!!

I remember entering into this ‘adventure’ without much knowledge of all the details, coordination, and fortitude needed to make my dream come to fruition. I consider it a stroke of great fortune that I was advised to consider Denco Dental Construction, Inc. as the builder. After meeting you, sensing your sincerity, seeing your organizational skills and finally hearing what others had to say about you and your company, I knew Denco was the correct choice. With the project complete, I can say I have never regretted partnering with you. Your integrity in your work and word has truly impressed me.

Steve, as much as I valued our business relationship – I also valued the added service you provided to allow me to discuss my concerns with the other elements of completing this office (i.e., finance, architects, equipment, and marketing). The knowledge, wisdom, experience and personal contacts you have in the field extinguished many fires, and eased my “tightened” stomach. You really calmed the seas of what could have been a very tumultuous journey.

I love the office!! I feel comfortable and at ease every day I come here. With those feelings I know WE were a success. Thanks for all the extra effort you and your staff put into this — I look forward to a successful business and I look forward to calling you back to help me expand!!

Dr. Gregory Whelan, DMD
Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry