Dr. Alexander Slepak, MD / Scottsdale Center for Dental Medicine

From the very first meeting we had with Steve Anderson, the president of DENCO, I knew it would be a good successful project. For me, this was the first. For Steve it was another task, a new challenge and a new beginning. Steve’s demeanor, his polite attitude and respect of other parties involved in the process is admirable. He, undoubtedly, projects confidence and success.

As the planning stage on a future 5,000 square feet dental office began, all scheduled meetings were kept on time, each with a clear agenda and resolve. The construction schedule developed by DENCO, in cooperation with the architect and the project consultant, was presented by Steve early enough for everyone to be prepared and ready.

Regardless of inevitable step-backs and occasional obstacles, the work progressed right on schedule, and was completed within a target week. The perfect execution and leadership. I have to mention frequent, productive contributions and expertise of Jeff Downey, who came to the rescue on a number of occasions. A pleasant, experienced project manager, with a “can do” attitude. And of course” special gratitude to a very patient and dedicated DENCO administrator, Darlene Agle, who kept us all in line and on our toes.

This dental office, built from the slab up, required special attention. Eight operatories (3 hygiene, 2 treatment and 3 sedation suites) were equipped with unique, specially ordered cabinets. The extended sterilization room had to accommodate a fleet of delivery carts. Sedation operatories were planned and equipped with certain modules that DENCO was not exposed to in the past. The water feature in the reception area presented a serious challenge. All this had to he coordinated with and installed in cooperation with the Patterson Dental crew. And DENCO made it happen with grace and precision.

Now, almost on a daily basis, from our patients, vendors and visitors we hear “Wow”. Absolutely each and every individual comments on the esthetic beauty, functionality and the pleasant environment of our office.

Working with DENCO was an absolute pleasure. I can only highly recommend this remarkable company to every dentist or organization considering building/renovating an office. You will not find a better group of professional, honorable and dedicated people than at DENCO.

Dr. Alexander Slepak
Scottsdale Center for Dental Medicine