Boost Your Creativity

The next time a brainstorming session comes to a standstill, take the team on a stroll and boost creativity by 60%!

In a study conducted at Stanford University, researchers tested for creativity by presenting participants with random objects and challenging them to come up with as many uses for the items as possible. Subjects who were sent for a walk generated a greater number of unique ideas than those who remained seated.

Walking will help when you are tackling an issue with multiple solutions.

For solving a problem with only one right answer, it is recommended that you stay in your seat for the best results.

So when you need to think outside the box and want creativity to flow, take
a walk!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

– Albert Einstein

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About the Author

Steve Anderson is a General Contractor and Owner of Denco Dental Construction, Inc. He is also an author, public speaker and CE instructor. Denco has built well over 1000 new dental offices throughout Arizona. Denco is the only General Contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association.
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