Along Side Ministries

Along Side Ministries is a Discipleship Ministry with a mission to help the incarcerated, Christian community learn how to walk with Jesus, as they transition from prison to society. Men and women apply for the program while they are in prison and upon acceptance they are assigned a mentor to begin the journey of discipleship. This relationship has a lasting impact upon both mentor and mentee and is critical to the success of the individual after they are released from prison.

While inside prison the mentor and mentee begin to work on a transition plan that prepares them for release. After release, the mentee lives at our Discipleship Training Center where they begin the transition process with a community of like­ minded individuals in the program. While living in this environment they follow a program that equips them to become successful in their walk with Jesus and in life. In each of these steps they are guided by their mentor, the staff and the church community.