Dr. Matthew Bayne, DDS / Paradise Valley Cosmetic Dental

Denco built us the best dentist office in Scottsdale! 

Many thanks go out to Steve Anderson at Denco Dental Construction. Denco built us the best dentist office in Scottsdale.

I practice dentistry with the very highest level of skill and precision, and needed a contractor that could do the same. My new dentist office in the Scottsdale Paradise Valley area doesn’t limit or constrict my ability to provide the very best advanced dental care to my dental patients. This allows me to be the best dentist that I can be.

Steve Anderson delivers on time and on budget!

Steve Anderson, the owner of Denco Dental Construction, delivered on his promise to build our office on time, and on budget. That’s the nice thing about Steve, is that he does what he says he is going to do. We had several planning meetings at Denco’s main office before construction began, and had the fit, finish, and design details laid out ahead of time. Steve came up with an accurate bid, and was able to stay within those parameters throughout the project. Steve proved himself to be very experienced in Dental Office Construction, and it shows. Dental office construction is very different from general commercial construction, because we had full medgas (Nitrous Oxide Laughing Gas), as well as intricate plumbing with water purifiers and cutoffs, ADA water closets, advanced sterilization requirements, soffits for HIPAA, challenging cabinetry, and granite. Steve was able to gauge all of these facets of the project ahead of time, so that we obtained our Certificate of Occupancy right on time. We didn’t have any surprises with the cost of the project, either. The budget was laid out, and Steve didn’t give us any bait-and-switch or surprise costs at the last minute. Additionally, Steve Anderson is probably the nicest, kindest general contractor in Phoenix. He is an excellent communicator, and he really listened to my wants and needs during the construction of our new dentist office in Scottsdale Paradise Valley.

Patients love it!

Every day, patients compliment our new Scottsdale Paradise Valley Dental Office. They love the clean and comfortable look, and constantly tell us how comfortable it makes them feel. This increases my job satisfaction and makes me happy that we went with Denco for our Scottsdale Paradise Valley Dental Construction needs.

Dr. Matthew Bayne, DDS
Paradise Valley Cosmetic Dental