Dr. Lenny Arias, DDS / Sabino Dental

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter and recommendation for DENCO Dental Construction, Mr. Steve Anderson, and his phenomenal team.

I had met Mr. Steve Anderson, owner of DENCO Dental, many years ago at the annual Western Regional Dental Convention. This was well before I planned on building a dental office. I knew from the time I met him (and his fabulous team), that when I needed an office built I could trust him and his team to do the job for me.

Years passed, and when the time came, I contacted Steve, and I can say without a doubt that Steve and his superb DENCO Dental team took action immediately and held my hand from the beginning, guiding me through the process, and minimizing the stress of a new build out.

The stress of building a new office, while maintaining another full-time active location, a busy family, children activities, continuing education, and other responsibilities can be tumultuous.  The DENCO Team is there for you every step of the process, guiding you and moving the project along with ease. Thinking back to how I managed to get it done, I often wonder: “How did it happen?”. The answer really lies in the fact that the DENCO Team made it happen. They guided me through every step, and they were there to take me along for the ride.

At our very first planning meeting at the new location, Steve presented me with a Planning Manual. This manual presented so much valuable information for a novice like me building my new office; I used it throughout the process. The manual covers more than just office layout; is a step by step recipe to make sure nothing is overlooked until the day you open for business, and beyond.

The DENCO Dental team exceeded my expectations from day one. Not only is the team punctual, and respectful, they are very professional in the way they handle their work. They live up to their reputation, and they respect the reputation of the doctors they are working for when they are on site. The team’s professionalism far exceeded my expectations. The DENCO team represents you on the site, and they are reflection of you when you are not on site; they go above and beyond and exude professionalism, and I have more than one example when friends, colleagues and patients came by to “peek” at the build-out.

The DENCO Dental team lived up to their motto: Making your dreams a reality!  They made my dream a reality and delivered an office that is beautiful, functional, and a joy to go to every day. They pay attention to the most minute details, and are certain to listen to your needs, desires, and even your unrealistic wishes, because they want to deliver you the office of your dreams.

The feedback we get from the patients, and visitors is great, and everyone loves the office.  We could not be happier with the office, it is beautiful, it is functional, and we just love it and so do our customers! Above all else, our growth at our new office has been far more than I ever expected, and the build-out is paying for itself!

We love the DENCO Team!

Thank you Steve, Eric, the office team, the crew: Chuy, Nacho, Ramon, Gustavo, and everyone else on the DENCO team!

Dr. Lenny Arias, DDS
Sabino Dental